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With Growing Intention

A letter from President Steve Briggs
The academic year has an encouraging rhythm.  The enthusiasm of the opening weeks in late summer give way to the intensity of late autumn and then the relief of winter break.  Now, with spring in the air, we listen with growing excitement to the culminating stories of our graduating seniors.

Julia Adkins, from Mathews, NC, graduated early in December.  Her academic interests centered on environmental science, chemistry and technology.  For the last two years, she also worked as an office assistant and supervisor for the Vice President for Finance.  At a Board of Visitors meeting last spring, Julia had an opportunity to meet with Beth Collins Ernst (class of ‘93) who now works in the field of environmental communication.  Beth helped arrange a summer internship for Julia at BASF, an international chemical engineering company.  Julia made the most of that experience and started full-time for BASF in January as a lab technician.

Each student has a story that pieces together in its own distinctive way, but at Berry we believe there is also a common framework that can guide students to act with increasing intentionality.  We use four D’s to describe this trajectory:  Discover, Develop, Deepen, and Demonstrate….

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Year in Review

2nd Annual Parents’ Council Meeting

On September 30, 2016, Berry hosted the second annual Parents’ Council meeting. The Parents’ Council is an advisory body comprised of parents from the sophomore, junior, and senior classes. As parents themselves, members of that group understand how challenging it can be to keep up with everything that’s going on at Berry.

During September’s meeting, Council members toured the Rome Tennis Center at Berry College and learned about the partnership between Berry and the Tennis Center regarding student work and how students may pursue a certification from the United States Tennis Association. Dr. Briggs joined the Council to provide key updates concerning the College with a time of Q&A. Dr. Joyce Heames, the new Dean of The Campbell School of Business joined the conversation to share the vision and planning for the Business program. Members also focused their attention on other areas of strategic emphasis, including admissions/financial aid, student internships/employment, and giving before joining their student for the Mountain Day Olympics.

If you have questions, comments or concerns about any Berry-related issues, please contact Lindsey Taylor, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, at parents@berry.edu.

Written by Lindsey Taylor, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs

Study Abroad: Pathway to Transformative Learning

NorwayWith the Fall semester in the books, perhaps your daughter or son is starting to set some priorities for his or her time at Berry. How will I make the most of these four years? What major will become an intellectual and vocational home for me? In which activities on campus will I invest my time? I hope that one of those questions that our students seriously consider very early in their time at Berry is, “Where will I study abroad and how long will I go?”

We know that students who study abroad are more likely to develop the ability to navigate and identify with cultures other than their own. They tend to develop a sense of socially responsible leadership. They are more engaged as active learners and creative problem solvers. On campus we see our students who have studied abroad return with a renewed sense of direction, purpose, calling, and performance.

I encourage you to initiate a conversation with your student about study abroad. Will she serve in elementary schools in Costa Rica and take advanced Spanish classes? Will he study in Glasgow, Madrid, Buenos Aires, or perhaps Seoul? Will she participate in a summer program led by a Berry faculty member to Norway, Cuba, China or Tanzania? Or will he pursue a semester-long course of study in New Zealand studying animal science or deepening his language skills in Paris?

Students who set these intentions during their freshman year are much more likely to follow through. If your student has started the conversation, I encourage you to engage with an open mind and heart. If she or he has not, perhaps you can provide that spark to encourage them to plan now for study abroad. Berry College offers a generous financial aid policy for approved semester-long programs, and some financial support is also available for the summer. You can find information about our programs at http://www.berry.edu/academics/study/.

Written by Dr. David Slade, Dean of Academic Services

It Matters Where You Live

ResidenceLifeAs a four-year residential community, we believe that the learning that takes place outside of the classroom is just as valuable as the lessons learned within the classroom. The residential experience provides a safe, real-world laboratory for your student to explore personal development, inter/intra-personal competence, social responsibility and civic responsibility. Living on campus helps students develop a positive, social structure and helps connect them to valuable campus resources. The residence hall environment offers a safe place for your student to transition into independence and truly take ownership of their college experience. One of the many ways we empower your student to take ownership over their residential experience is through the Room Selection Process.

The annual Room Selection Process is quickly approaching and we want to provide you with important information, as we know choosing a room is an important decision for your student. It is our hope that you can help your student think through this process in order to choose the housing assignment that is best for them.

Every year, returning students have the opportunity to select their own room assignment and roommate through the Room Selection Process. This is an online process held in April each year. In order to participate in the online Room Selection Process, students must complete the following three steps by April 7th: 1. Pre-register for Fall 2017 classes; 2. Pay the $200 prepayment*; 3. Complete the online Housing Application at housing.berry.edu. Your student must also have a roommate in order to participate in Room Selection. students can see basic floor plans on their housing dashboard.

We encourage your student to pay close attention to the communication they will receive from Residence Life beginning in January as it will contain detailed information about this process. Your student’s Resident Assistant is also an excellent resource and opportunities to ask questions in person will also be available at multiple times, including information sessions, SGA meetings and a roommate mixer.

Questions about the Room Selection Process can also be directed to residencelife@berry.edu.

If your student does not complete the above steps by the above deadlines, they will be housed by our office this summer after all incoming student have been placed. Options will be limited at that point and we may not be able to honor a roommate request, so please make sure your student completes the steps above as we want them to have some choice in where they live next year.

*Payments may be made at berry.afford.com, at the cashier’s window in Hermann or via mail to Berry College, Attn: Cashier, P.O. Box 490129, Mount Berry, GA 30149. A check should indicate the student ID number and that it is for your housing prepayment. Payment must indicate that it is earmarked for the housing prepayment or it will not be credited correctly.

Written by Ellen Hearn, Assistant Director of Residence Life

2017 Commencement and Graduation Ceremonies

CommencementSpring commencement/graduation is an exciting time for both the graduate and their families. We look forward to your joining us to celebrate and acknowledge all of the Class of 2017’s accomplishments.


As you plan your graduation weekend, please keep these helpful tips in mind:

• Graduation is outside: there is minimal shade where the graduation ceremony takes place. Bring chairs, sunblock, hat, and plenty of water to avoid dehydration, fatigue, or discomfort.

• Park and walk: guests will be directed to park behind the Cage Center and walk to the ceremony location. If a member of your party needs assistance, please communicate to our Campus Safety officers directing traffic.

• Plan your time: give your family plenty of time to navigate campus before and after the ceremonies. There will be many people on campus celebrating their student, and traffic will be heavier than usual. If you plan to make reservations downtown, give yourself time to enjoy meeting your student’s friends and faculty as well as allow traffic to subside before your reservation time.

For more information regarding Berry College Commencement/Graduation ceremonies, please visit the Commencement website.

Banner of Pride

GateOfOpportunityIt seems like only yesterday that you and your student made your first drive through the Gate of Opportunity. Now graduation is a few short months away. As members of the Berry College Parents’ Council, we know the pride you are feeling and want to help you honor your graduate in a way all can see.

By making a gift of any size to Berry between now and April 26, 2017, you can have your student’s name added to a special banner display on the day of commencement. Last year, many families chose to make their gift appropriate to the occasion by choosing a multiple of their student’s graduation year. In your case, that might be $20.17, $201.70 or even $2,017 – but a gift of ANY amount is sufficient. Even better, you can designate it to anything you wish.

Gifts can be made online at www.berry.edu/gift. If you’ve given since July 1, your student’s name is already on the list!

Congratulations on behalf of the Berry College Parents’ Council, and best wishes for a joyous holiday season!

Paul Clark (88G), Lisa Ryan, Melinda Sweatt (90C), Timothy Warren, Lamar Weaver

P.S. If you’re interested in making a year-end gift for tax purposes, Scott Breithaupt in Berry’s advancement office is happy to help. He can be reached via email at sbreithaupt@berry.edu.

Join the Crowd

BerryFunderThe growing popularity of “crowdfunding” has found its way to Berry’s campus, making it possible for faculty, staff and students to seek support from alumni and friends for initiatives about which they are passionate.

BerryFunder was launched last summer with two pilot projects: a new Kindermusik program at the South Rome Early Learning Center championed by Kathryn Nobles, adjunct instructor of piano and Kindermusik director; and state-of-the-art equipment for HackBerry Lab, championed by Dr. John Grout, Garrett professor of business and creative technologies chair. With these project champions and others actively soliciting contacts and friends via email and social media, both initiatives found success. Eighteen SRELC students are benefiting from Kindermusik, and Berry students soon will have access to a large-format laser cutter in creative technologies’ HackBerry Lab.

Building on that experience, new projects are being added and will launch this month supporting efforts such as coyote research, an electric campus vehicle, the student emergency fund and equipment purchases for Viking Fusion.

Looking Ahead

Below are important dates during Spring semester. Please mark your calendar so you can help your student when the time comes!

Housing Information
• Spring Break: March 13 – 17
Residence Halls will remain open

• Room Selection Process
April 7: $200 housing prepayment due
April 17 – 19: Online room selection

• Residence Halls Close for Summer: May 6 at 6:00pm

Fall and Summer Registration
March 27 – April 1

Final Exams
April 27 – May 3

College Publications

MagazineBerry Magazine is the flagship publication of Berry College. Each issue includes alumni features, a presidential essay, class notes and other institutional news of note. Berry is distributed three times annually to alumni and friends of the college.
Alumni Accent is complementary e-newsletter to the Berry Magazine, and is published 7-8 times each year.
Viking Fusion is a student-run multimedia website that seeks to inform and entertain both the Berry student community and the larger public. Content on the site is exclusively authored and produced by Berry College students.
The Carrier is a student-run weekly newspaper that addresses current issues affecting the Berry community. Content in The Carrier is exclusively authored and produced by Berry College students.
Parent Resources is a page devoted to providing current information for parents. This page will be updated monthly to provide information specific to where students are in the academic year.

Parent Resources
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