New way of covering campus

Valkyrie Magazine CoversValkyrie, Berry’s new student-produced lifestyle and culture magazine, transitioned from online-only to print during the 2017-18 academic year, establishing an important physical link on campus.

Featuring a wide array of content ranging from cultural commentary and recipes to fashion tips and in-depth coverage of campus life, the magazine provides fresh opportunities for Berry communication majors and others to gain relevant experience in writing, photography, design and publication development. It took the place of the Cabin Log yearbook, which was retired after many years of waning interest.

“Berry needed a publication that allowed for newsworthy creativity,” explained Sara Arms, who helped launch the magazine in late 2016 and in 2017-18 served as editor-in-chief.

Valkyrie is produced by a staff of 20-25 students responsible for all areas of production for three 60-page issues each academic year. Many staff members hold paid positions through Berry’s Work Experience Program. Opportunities for scholarships and credit hours are also available.

As Valkyrie continues to evolve, Arms imagines more first-person narratives and an expanded online presence featuring more interactive elements and blogs.

Click here to view the publication online.

By student writer Kendall Aronson

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