Critters on camera

Coyote and Opposom

INTO THE WILD: Cameras installed by Dr. Chris Mowry to help document urban biodiversity spy a late-night encounter between a coyote and an opossum (above) and a red fox (below).

If you keep an eye out for Berry in the news, you may have seen Dr. Chris Mowry’s name quite a bit recently.

Mowry, an associate professor of biology, has been involved for the past year with the Urban Wildlife Information Network, a Chicago-based organization seeking to gain a greater understanding of urban biodiversity in North America. As part of this work, he has installed 40 cameras along a 50-kilometer transect from downtown Atlanta to north Fulton County.

Red FoxThese remote cameras allow researchers to see both the variety of species that live in the area and the interaction among those species. They have been gathering data since January, gaining significant insight into the species that call Georgia home.

“The project allows us to appreciate and understand urban green space and how it is important as a refuge for this urban biodiversity,” Mowry explained. “We hope that our project will influence public policy in that regard.”

Mowry’s involvement came about through his work as a founder of the Atlanta Coyote Project, an ongoing collaboration between scientists from Berry and Emory University dedicated to researching coyotes and helping the public better understand them. Learn more about Mowry’s work with UWIN in this story by WABE in Atlanta.

By student writer Cassie LaJeunesse

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