Back by popular demand

Past Alumni DirectoriesEven in this digital age, there’s still something to be said for print. That’s certainly the message from those who routinely ask for a new printed directory of Berry alumni. You asked, and we’re answering! The Office of Alumni Relations is pleased to announce a new partnership with Publishing Concepts (PCI) to develop a new directory that will be published in 2013.

Be on the lookout for postcards, emails and phone calls from PCI in the coming months as we work to ensure that your information is correct. We hope that you will take the time to respond, safe in the knowledge that PCI is under contract with Berry and that any data you supply will be protected.

Important note: In order to complete this project as efficiently as possible, only pre-ordered directories will be printed. Additional directories will not be available after the initial printing, so please place your order at the time you are contacted by PCI.

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