Your turn

In the October issue of the Alumni Accent, we asked you to weigh in with your favorite source for finding and reconnecting with Berry classmates. Social media came in No. 1 (surely music to the ears of Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg) with 41 percent of the vote. Second was Class Notes in Berry magazine (definitely music to the ears of the editorial staff) with 24 percent. AlumniConnect was next with 15 percent, followed by mutual friends (10 percent). The remaining votes were split between the upcoming print directory and alumni events (each with 5 percent).

This month’s issue coincides with the end of fall semester, so we thought it would be fun to recall those stressful days and late nights studying for final exams with friends on campus and, yes, sometimes at Waffle House (fire up Garth Brooks on the jukebox and get me some hashbrowns — scattered, smothered, covered and chunked!). Scroll to the bottom of the page to let us know what you remember best about those high-intensity, low-sleep days.

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