Blizzard of memories

The Old Mill Buried in the Blizzard of 1993

The Old Mill as it appeared on March 13, 1993. Photo by David Wallace (93C).

The Rome News-Tribune headline from Sunday, March 14, 1993, said it all: “Century’s worst snowstorm has Floyd in the deepfreeze.” The Campus Carrier later declared that we had been “Up to our knees in ’93,” and those of us who were on campus that unforgettable weekend would have to agree.

The Storm of the Century, as it’s come to be called, roared into Rome on a Friday night, bringing with it heavy snow, slashing winds and frigid temperatures that left campus residents huddling in the dark as trees snapped and lightning (yes, lightning) flashed through the sky. Morning revealed a landscape blanketed by more than a foot of the heavy white powder. Cut off from the outside world, those on campus looked after each other until conditions improved. Afterward, students, faculty and staff worked together to get the college back on its feet.

Click here for more recollections of the famous storm, including campus photos and a link to Campus Carrier coverage. Berry memories can also be found in this commemorative story published by the Rome News-Tribune.

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