Peeling back the years

It’s been more than a half-century since Steve Tankersley (56H) and Ron Edwards (56H) graduated from the Mount Berry School for Boys, but for a few days each spring they relive those “good old days” as participants in Alumni Work Week.

Ron and Steve were just two of the approximately 200 alumni and friends who returned to campus May 19-24 for this annual celebration of Berry’s work heritage. Jobs completed by the 25 work crews included a new cooling unit for the Season’s Harvest student enterprise, a walkway and wall at Frances Cottage, and construction projects at the beef cattle and Emery barns.

Steve and Ron were team leaders for the kitchen crew, responsible for providing meals to other Work Week participants. As the longtime friends complete their daily tasks, they were able to enjoy each other’s company and that of other classmates. The same was true of Joy Johnson (73C), who spent her week working alongside former roommates as team leader for the weaving crew.

“We have a lot of fun,” Joy said. “We get a lot of work done, and we work really hard … but there’s a lot of laughter too.”

By Garrett Peace, student editorial assistant

Work Week Photo Gallery

A Tradition of Work, by student Jake Summerlin

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