Spanning the globe

Hannah GunninAs a child, Hannah Gunnin (12C) heard a divine call to “Go.” In her adult years, she is taking that invitation to heart as a participant in the World Race, a program sponsored by Adventures in Missions that will carry her to 11 countries in the next 11 months. At each stop, the daughter of Ray (86C) and Michelle Hunter (85C) Gunnin will put her Berry education to work as she serves those most in need. By the time she returns home in 2014, Hannah will have impacted lives in Romania, Ukraine, Ireland, India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia.

Hannah (top right in photo) credits her study-abroad experience at Berry and the education she received as a double major in religion and anthropology with preparing her for this journey. She looks forward to living out the Berry motto, “Not to be ministered unto, but to minister,” through the World Race experience and educating others about the cultures she encounters once she gets back.

Hannah’s blog.

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