Poll results

The votes are in! No, not for the presidential race – for the new Alumni Accent redesign! Thanks to our new template, we are now able to feature a poll question in the footer of each issue. In December, we solicited your thoughts on the Accent’s new look, and we are happy to report that 64 percent of all those who responded rated the publication Excellent or Good. The remaining 36 percent chose Okay, but I preferred the old design. Though no one chose Poor or Needs Improvement, we will continue to tweak the publication in an attempt to better serve Berry alumni. In this issue, for example, we’ve added the ability to “share” stories across various social media platforms.

Thanks to all those who participated in the December poll. To offer your opinion on this month’s question – How do you prefer to learn about Berry news, upcoming events, volunteer opportunities and other college initiatives? – simply scroll to the bottom of this page and pick the answer of your choice. We’ll share the results in the next issue!

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