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Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon (center) caused quite a stir on campus during filming for the pilot episode of "The Following." Scroll to the blog footer to vote for your 'Berry' movie or television show.

In the October issue of the Alumni Accent, we decided to have a little Halloween fun by asking readers to tell us where on the Berry campus they would LEAST be surprised to run into a ghost. Perhaps not surprisingly, the historic Ford Buildings finished No. 1 with 33% of the vote. Next was the Stretch Road (hello Green Ghost!) with 27%, followed by the Hoge Building (12%), Hill Dining Hall (8%), Berry Chapels (7%), Campus Grounds (6%) and Viking Trail (4%).

We’ll stay with the holiday theme this month, though we promise the question has a brighter (as in bright lights of Hollywood!) tone. Scroll to the blog footer to take part.

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