Common ground

2014 Gloria Shatto LectureJames Carville and Mary Matalin are famous for their dueling political perspectives, but the couple did find one point of agreement as co-presenters for the 2014 Gloria Shatto Lecture – they both loved Berry!

Carville was particularly impressed by the fact that students introduced the two speakers, seeing it as evidence that Berry’s focus is in the right place.

“That’s a unique thing in higher education – that you put the students ahead of everybody else,” the former presidential campaign manager told the Cage Center crowd. “That’s not always the case. That’s hardly ever the case. I find that much more impressive than how many acres you have. It’s a place where you are producing human capital.”

Matalin was similarly moved, stating, ““What an amazing place. I don’t think we have visited one as unique.”

The lively presentation drew a crowd of more than 1,200 students, faculty/staff, alumni and community members. While on campus, Carville also took part in a classroom discussion.

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