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Holden Wilbanks: Berry BeesAs a business major, junior Holden Wilbanks never thought he would need to worry about getting stung on a regular basis.

A double major in management and economics, Wilbanks has always had an interest in entrepreneurship and a desire to start his own business. Through the student Work Experience Program, he is now CEO of Berry Bees, one of 14 student-operated enterprises on the Berry campus.

“As far as getting stung goes, I’m pretty confident in my bee suit. I have only been stung a couple of times, so it protects me pretty well,” he said.

Wilbanks haHolden Wilbanksndles all the administrative duties of the enterprise including product deliveries, customer relationships and hive management. The enterprise program hones skills such as leadership, professionalism, public speaking and others necessary in the post-graduation workplace.

“I think it is so important to work at Berry because you need to find value in what you do. Every job on Berry’s campus is meaningful and fulfills an important role,” he said.

Every student at Berry has the opportunity to work regardless of family income, and more than 95 percent of students take that opportunity.

In addition to his work with Berry Bees, Wilbanks serves as a spokesperson for the enterprise program, sharing information with groups such as Leadership Georgia, the Berry College Board of Trustees and Berry Alumni Council.

By Nic Diaz, student public relations assistant

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