Ringing endorsement

Students are often suspicious of anything that hints of marketing or “spin” (admit it, you are too), so we were thrilled to see Campus Carrier News Editor Kelly Dickerson sing the praises of Berry’s “firsthand” brand. Her editorial was inspired by visiting environmental journalist Mark Harris, whose remark – “Kelly, if you and I were competing for a job as a reporter, you would be hired because you’ve had firsthand experience with videography and web design” – proved to be an epiphany for the young writer.

“I really have learned how to do a lot of things firsthand,” Dickerson wrote. “For my communications major I’ve had the opportunity to learn about and work with many media platforms and for my biology major I’ve had the opportunity to conduct experiments in a real lab setting and learned how to use several different kinds of lab equipment. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that Berry really does have an appropriate catchphrase.”

Read the editorial.

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