Moon rise

Lunar LemonIn our last issue, we shared the story of the “Lunar Lemon,” a 1986 Chevy Astro van transformed into an endurance racer by creative technologies students and faculty working out of Berry’s HackBerry Lab. After earning  “Eternal Optimist” recognition for its debut performance in the “24 Hours of LeMons” racing series (limited to vehicles valued at $500 or less), the space-themed Lemon soared to even greater heights in its second outing. This time, the Berry entry claimed the prestigious “Index of Effluency” award for accomplishing “the most with the least” after completing 217 laps – approximately 500 miles – at a track in South Carolina. The student-led team earned a cash prize for its efforts and automatic entry into the next race in September.

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By Katherine Edmonds, philanthropic communications student writer

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