Starry night

Todd TimberlakeMany alumni will recall the “star parties” thrown by Professor of Physics and Department Chair Todd Timberlake at Berry’s mountain campus observatory, but this summer he’s playing to a completely different audience – and hemisphere – as part of the Emory-Tibet Science Initiative. While leading a course of study in physics at the Drepung Loseling Monastery in Mundgod, India, Timberlake used a hand-controlled, six-inch telescope to share the wonders of the night sky with 50-60 Tibetan Buddhist monks and 20 U.S. college students. Afterward, he exclaimed on Facebook: “The best part of the night was watching the monks snap pictures with their iPhones and download the Stellarium app. I guess they have a better data plan than I do!”

Timberlake is one of a number of Berry faculty members working in countries around the globe this summer. Many times, they’re accompanied by Berry students (more on that in our next issue). Destinations include Cuba, Denmark, Israel, Honduras, Ecuador, Belize, South Korea, Iceland, Austria, Jamaica and Costa Rica.

By Katherine Edmonds, philanthropic communications student writer


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