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Communication Students in Vienna

Communication students pause for a photo in Vienna. Front row from left are Candler Lowe, Lexie Turner, Lauren Fiorillo, Lia Batista and Sarah Casagrande; back row from left are Abbie Smith, Lauren Richardson, Jackson Mattox, Eric Jackson, Madison Eiberger and Courtney Fox.

Lauren Richardson will go to any lengths to get a good story, even if it means traveling halfway around the world. This summer, the aspiring journalist joined 10 other Berry communication students and three faculty members in Vienna, Austria, for a four-week course in international multimedia reporting.

While fellow students reported on topics ranging from opera to coffee houses to street art in their exploration of Austrian culture, Richardson decided to get the scoop on how Viking football is played on that side of the pond. Her subjects were the Vienna Vikings, a professional team playing American-style tackle football in Europe.

“It was really neat to get to know the coaches and players on a personal level and to be able to see the contrast of football in their culture versus ours,” she explained.

To learn more about the Vienna Vikings and other subjects explored by the students, check out the The Spaces of Vienna online magazine.

More than 130 Berry students took their education “on the road” this summer through various study-abroad programs. Destinations ranged from the waters off Honduras to Iceland to Costa Rica, touching five continents in all.

By Katherine Edmonds, philanthropic communications student writer

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