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It’s time for another edition of one of our favorite new features – the Alumni Accent poll! Before getting to our June question, let’s take a quick peek back at our April poll, when we asked about the type of alumni programming you would like to see come to your area. Two answers accounted for nearly 80 percent of all responses:

• Opportunities to socialize and network with other alumni – 49 percent
• Discussion of Berry’s strategic initiatives led by President Briggs – 30 percent

Among the other three possibilities, faculty presentations focusing on a particular area of interest was the most popular answer, garnering 9 percent of all votes cast.

This month, we turn our attention to Alumni Weekend, Alumni Work Week and Young Alumni Weekend. Specifically, we’re interested in hearing from those of you who weren’t able to attend this year. A list of reasons can be found in the footer of the blog. If you would like to expand on your answer or offer input for future events, please take a moment to email Alumni Relations Director Chris Watters (89C).

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