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Sophia Veser Portrait

Sophia Veser

No one has to tell Sophia Veser (16C) about the power of giving. She has experienced it firsthand as a beneficiary of Berry’s Save a Student Scholarship, a lifeline funded by students that provides vital assistance for classmates in financial distress. Sophia shared her powerful story during Be Berry Week, a special celebration of gratitude and giving capped by the largest Scholarship Night dinner in Berry history.

Sophia spoke at a “thank you” event for students, faculty and staff who have made a gift to Berry over the past year, relating how her student-funded scholarship made all the difference when family issues threatened to derail her Berry dreams.

Accounting Major Allison Bernstein shows off her cup-stacking prowess at the senior pep rally.

Accounting major Allison Bernstein shows off her cup-stacking prowess at the senior pep rally.

“It’s very humbling to know my success in life is a direct result of getting the scholarship,” she stated. “It’s like the butterfly effect. Because students gave, they changed my life’s path.”

Other events held during Be Berry Week included a senior pep rally kicking off a weeklong giving challenge between Berry’s four schools. As part of this challenge, students were encouraged to buy Berry socks (available NOW to alumni!), with proceeds supporting the Save a Student Scholarship. The Evans School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences won the competition thanks to a 49-percent giving rate among seniors so far this fiscal year.

Scholarship Night provided the perfect climax to the week, bringing together approximately 470 donors and scholarship recipients for a night of fellowship in the Cage Center. Photo gallery.

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