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Henson1In our last issue, we asked you to tell us which Berry-themed Christmas gift you’d most enjoy. The most popular answer turned out to be Berry itself! More specifically, the top choice – with 38 percent of the vote – was a weekend getaway on campus. Next, with 28 percent, was a sampling of Berry cheese and produce, followed by a night out with your best Berry friends (20 percent), a guided tour of Berry movie locations (10 percent) and treats made of Berry-ground corn meal (4 percent).

This month, we’re launching a new interactive feature – Berry trivia! A picture of Berry’s first-ever graduate is posted at left. Can you name him?

Share your answer on Twitter with the hashtag #berrycollegetrivia and you might just get a mention in our next issue.

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Berry Christmas PhotoIn the October issue of the Alumni Accent, we asked you to pick the ideal setting for your Berry ghost story. The top choice, no doubt inspired by the Green Lady, was Stretch Road (40%). Second was Possum Trot Church (23%), followed by the Hoge Building (17%), Oak Hill (11%), Ford Dining Hall (6%) and Frost Chapel (3%).

This month, we continue the holiday theme by asking you to choose the perfect Berry Christmas gift. Scroll to the blog footer to make your selection. If you’re lucky, St. Nick might take note of your Berry wish.

If you still have shopping left to do (and let’s face it, we all do), be sure to check out the Oak Hill Gift Shop. They’ve got a little something for everyone! Orders must be placed by Dec. 18 to ship before the new year.

If you’re in easy driving distance, you also might consider cheese from The Berry Farms Jersey Milk student enterprise. Call 706-378-2930 or email studententerprises@berry.edu to place an order for campus pickup Dec. 16-17. Six delicious flavors are available.

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Mary Hall as seen in NBC's ConstantineThere’s nothing like a fall day on the world’s largest campus – but be sure to pack your boots! That’s the takeaway from our most recent Alumni Accent poll, in which more than half of all respondents (53 percent, to be exact) said hiking to the reservoir was the ideal way to spend a fall day at Berry. Exploring the campus was a distant second with 19 percent, followed by relaxing in an Adirondack chair or hammock (after class, of course) with 14 percent.

This month, we take our cue from the “spirit” of the season. We’ve all heard the story of the Green Lady and other Berry specters. It’s time for something new. If you were writing your own Berry ghost story, what campus location would provide the perfect setting? Scroll to the blog footer to let us know.

If you need inspiration, check out the accompanying image of Mary Hall standing in as “Ravenscar: Psychiatric Facility for the Mentally Deranged” in a 2014 NBC pilot. Now THAT’S creepy!

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Old MillIn the July edition of the Alumni Accent poll, we asked you to tell us what you like best about the Accent’s sister publication, Berry magazine. Fifty-eight percent responded “Everything!,” to which we can only echo Elvis Presley in saying, “Thank you. Thank you very much.” Next with 13 percent was “Pictures! Can’t get enough!,” followed by class notes (11 percent), alumni profiles (8 percent), campus news (5 percent), president’s essay (3 percent) and student/faculty feats (2 percent). We appreciate your input and, more importantly, your readership!

This month we draw inspiration from that slight chill in the morning air that heralds the approaching fall. Scroll to the blog footer to tell us what you consider to be an ideal fall day on the world’s largest campus.

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Berry MagazineIn the last issue of the Alumni Accent, we asked you to name the actor or actress you’d most like to see shoot another movie or TV show at Berry. Perhaps not surprisingly, the “Titans” won again, with Denzel Washington receiving 46% of all votes cast. Next with 30% was Reese Witherspoon, followed by Sweet Home Alabama co-star Patrick Dempsey (10%). Among the remaining choices, only Kevin Bacon (9%) received more than 2% of the vote.

This month, we take our cue from our sister publication, Berry magazine. Hopefully, you’ve already received the summer issue (if not, click the accompanying image to thumb through it online). Once you’re done, scroll to the blog footer and let us know what you like best about Berry’s award-winning publication!

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Old MillIn the most recent edition of the Alumni Accent poll, we asked you to weigh in on your favorite outdoor activities at Berry. The No. 1 answer was hiking to the reservoir with 35% of the vote. Next with 22% was taking it easy (you’ll get no argument from us!), followed by walking/jogging on the Viking Trail and horseback riding (each with 11%). Intramural sports (8%), mountain biking (5%), ropes courses (5%) and disc golf (3%) rounded out the list.

For our first poll of 2015, we’ve decided to focus on the iconic landmarks of the Berry campus, one of which recently showed up on the cover of  Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal’s budget report. The photo, taken by Georgia artist George Hernandez, was selected to hang in the Office of the Governor as part of “The Art of Georgia” rotating exhibit. Visit www.gaarts.org for more information.

Scroll to the blog footer to vote for your favorite Berry landmark.

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Berry OutdoorsIn September’s Alumni Accent poll, we asked you to share the one thing in your Berry experience that most helped you to become LifeReady. The No. 1 answer, not surprisingly, was student work experience, with 54% of the vote. Next with 20% was guidance from faculty/staff mentors, followed by involvement in campus activities (10%). The remaining votes were scattered among challenging classes (6%), study abroad (4%), participation in intercollegiate athletics (4%) and alumni connections (2%).

This month, we take our cue from Berry’s inclusion on Best College Reviews’ list of the Top 35 Outdoor Schools in America. Scroll to the blog footer to share your favorite outdoor activity at Berry.


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Harrison Daniels

Berry's 3-D printing lab was just one stop on Harrison Daniels' path to LifeReady. Click the image to learn more.

In the August issue of the Alumni Accent, the release of Zane Cochran’s new book, The Beauty of Berry College, inspired us to poll the popularity of various Berry “gifts.” The No. 1 response was a weekend stay in the Guest Cottages with 41% of the vote. Next with 29% was one more year as a student on the world’s largest campus (My pick for sure!). Cheese made from Berry milk was third with 11%, followed by season tickets for football (8%), DVDs of movies shot on campus (7%) and corn mill ground at the Old Mill (4%).

This month, we turn our attention to the concept of LifeReady, the result of an education of the “head, heart and hands” and the theme of Berry’s fundraising campaign. Think back on your Berry experience. What most prepared you for life beyond the Gate of Opportunity? Scroll to the blog footer to give us your answer.

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Applewood Smoked Gouda

Cheese made exclusively from milk produced by The Berry Farms Jersey Milk student enterprise is one of the choices in this month's Alumni Accent poll.

In July’s Alumni Accent poll, we asked you to hark back to your earliest days as a Berry student and share your most vivid memory of summer orientation. The No. 1 response was that very first drive onto campus (34% of the vote). The first night spent in the residence halls was a close second (32%). Nineteen percent recalled meeting friends they still have today, while the rest of the votes were split between the heat (in the days before AC) with 8%, getting your first class schedule (5%) and seeing the first of many Berry deer (2%).

This month’s question is inspired by the story about Zane Cochran’s new book, The Beauty of Berry College. It would no doubt make a GREAT GIFT for Berry alumni. Can you think of others? We certainly can. Scroll to the blog footer to vote for your favorite.

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SOAR 2014In the May issue of the Alumni Accent, we attempted to quantify “eagle mania” among our readers by asking the question, How often do you find yourself watching Berry’s Eagle Cam? Not surprisingly, the most popular response – with 38% of the vote – was multiple times each day. Close behind was once or twice a week (35%), followed by once or twice a day (15%), never (8%) and every waking moment (4%).

This month, we turn our attention to SOAR – an annual rite of passage for incoming students. Scroll to the bottom of this page to share your memories of summer orientation.

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In the March edition of the Alumni Accent poll, we asked you to weigh in with your favorite social media source for Berry news and content. Facebook was the runaway winner with 58% of the vote. The four other choices – Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube – combined for only 24%, with 18% of respondents saying they don’t use social media.

This month’s question focuses attention back on Berry’s increasingly famous eagle nest. We’re wondering how many of you are among the throng anxiously waiting to see eaglet B3 take flight? Scroll to the blog footer to let us know. While you’re at it, don’t forget to peek in on our new blue bird cam (yes, we have birds on the brain!).

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Frost ChapelAnother month, another record response to the Alumni Accent poll! The February poll question – Which campus landmark would you most like to see blanketed in snow? – drew 115 responses, besting the previous record of 108 set in December. Frost Chapel finished with 30% of the vote to edge out the Ford Buildings (28%) for favorite snowy landmark. The Old Mill (25%) was a close third, followed by the House o’ Dreams (8%), Berry College Chapel (5%), Barnwell Chapel (2%) and the Normandy Complex (2%).

Since we’ve had not one but two snowfalls at Berry over the last seven weeks, we’re happy to share this picture of the winner taken by student Mary Claire Stewart during the Jan. 28 storm. The source of the photo (Berry’s Facebook page) also provides a perfect segue into this month’s question. Scroll to the blog footer to participate.

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