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Brook BowersThe world’s largest online retailer will be Brook Bowers’ new home. Brook, a computer science major earning his degree this month, will move to Seattle in February to work for Amazon.

In March, Brook had applied for an internship with Amazon but never heard back. Then in October he received an email from an Amazon recruiter that said they were considering him for a software development engineer position.

The interview process was a multifaceted procedure that required Brook to take an online exam to test his skills with software code. An intimidating and rigorous on-site interview followed requiring him to solve software code problems in front of several interviewers. A few days later they offered him the job.

The Cumming, Ga., native said he is excited to move to a new city and gain experience.

“I got a glimpse of Amazon’s inner workings, and it was a very, very neat environment,” said Brook. “I am really looking forward to launching into the bigger scene of software development.”

Brook gained valuable experience on campus as a research assistant to Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science Nadeem Hamid. He also worked on the Help Desk for the college’s information technology department.

“Brook getting a job at Amazon is a great testimony to his academic excellence, and it also speaks highly to the quality and rigor of the experience a student like him can get at Berry,” said Hamid. “We are very excited that our students are able to land such positions upon graduation.”

Story by Brittni Trollinger, student public relations assistant
Photo by student Mary Claire Stewart

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