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Outdoor AdventureAre you tired of all the negativity in politics? Ready for a platform we can all get behind? We’ve got the perfect candidate … BERRY!

BuzzFeed has already declared us to be the world’s most beautiful college campus, while America Unraveled recently ranked us the No. 1 up-and-coming liberal arts college. Now we have our sights set on the title of Top Adventure College, to be determined by readers of Blue Ridge Mountain Outdoors. Berry is one of eight remaining colleges and universities in a March Madness-style online competition culminating April 18-25 with a “David-meets-Goliath” showdown matching the winners of the small-school (enrollment less than 5,000) and large-school brackets. Berry knocked out Washington and Lee University in the opening round, then defeated Montreat College in the “Sweet 16.” Now we’re facing off against Emory & Henry.

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Photo by Jason Huynh (15C)

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