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Ford SpireIn the September issue of the Alumni Accent, we decided to have a little fun by asking, “What was your favorite part of the Mountain Day Olympics?” In a result that should come as a surprise to no one familiar with this grand Berry tradition, 41% of all respondents answered “seeing who had the best t-shirts.” Coming in second – with 30 percent of the vote – was Egg Toss (retired Dean of Students Tom Carver should be proud!). Dizzy Lizzy (14%), Tug ‘o War (8%), Pyramid Building (5%) and Water Relay (2%) split the remaining votes.

This month we turn our attention to Halloween. Everyone has heard whispers about the Green Ghost and other supposed campus specters. Here’s your chance to let us know the place at Berry you would be LEAST surprised to see a ghost. Scroll to the bottom of the page to participate.

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