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Alyssa Hollingsworth PortraitAlyssa Hollingsworth (13C) was already a prolific writer when she arrived at Berry. She further developed her craft through one-on-one interaction with English professors and relevant work experience as editor of the college literary magazine and as a writer for Berry magazine.

This fall, the now-published author returned to Berry as the featured speaker in the David James Poissant Creative Prose Reading Series. While on campus, she visited with former teachers and mentors and shared her talents with current students – praising Berry as the “creative space” that helped to fuel her success.

Five years have passed since the former Gate of Opportunity Scholar earned her Berry degree, during which time she has completed a master’s degree at England’s Bath Spa University and signed a two-book, two-continent publishing contract with Roaring Brook Press (MacMillan) and Piccadilly Press.

Earlier this year, she released her debut novel, The Eleventh Trade, which quickly rose to No. 1 on Amazon’s list of new children’s literature. The book tells the story of a young Afghan refugee who embarks on a mission to retrieve a traditional Afghan musical instrument stolen from his grandfather.

The origins of the story date back to an assignment Hollingsworth was given at Bath Spa to prepare a synopsis for a book she would never write. Later, her literary agent saw promise in the idea and asked her to flesh it out. She started writing in February of 2016; by year end the manuscript had been completed and sold to publishers.

Aiding the creative process was firsthand knowledge of Afghan culture Hollingsworth gained during a 2011 visit to the war-torn nation to see her sister, who was serving there at the time. Still, she faced the challenge of crafting a story that would be told through the eyes of a 12-year-old boy who had interests and perspective she lacked. To fill in the gaps, she reached out to her network of fellow Berry alumni to find people with knowledge in those areas.

“There were plenty of things that made me feel very unqualified to write this story,” she said. “But those places where I was completely out of my comfort zone provided really cool opportunities to call on the community around me. I had alumni friends who love Manchester United, or are middle school teachers, or have firsthand refugee experiences themselves. When I got in over my head, I could count on them to help me correct my mistakes. It was such a blessing to take a bit of the Berry community with me into my first book.”

Hollingsworth’s second book, The Invisible Boy, is due for release in fall 2019.

By student writer Kendall Aronson; photo by student Jacob Bushey

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Jessica Gross in New York CityJessica Gross (17C) is now working as a product specialist analyst for BlackRock Alternative Advisors in New York City. She lives on the Upper East Side, Manhattan.

Katherine Elizabeth Harney

Katherine Elizabeth Harney, daughter of Christopher (08C) and Diane Harney.

What do Mark Thompson (76A), Robert L. Howren (85C), Melissa Schlea Loggins (00C), Christopher Harney (08C) and Jessica Gross (17C) have in common? All can be found in the “News from You” section of the next issue of Berry magazine. Due to hit mailboxes in just a few weeks, this issue features our largest collection of “class notes” in many years, with news on more than 60 alumni representing six decades of Berry history. Each note is unique, with subjects ranging from new jobs, babies and career achievements to retirements, national championships and even a dream vacation. In an age when many people choose to share their news via social media, we’re thrilled that so many of you are taking the time to reach out to us.

We are now accepting class notes for our summer issue, and we want to hear from you! Simply type out an email (perhaps cutting-and-pasting that status update from Facebook) and send it to classnotes@berry.edu. Another option is to complete our online submission form (also great for updating your contact information). Either way, be sure to include your class year (and a photo, if you like).

The submission deadline for publication in the summer issue is Feb. 28, so let us hear from you soon!

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Berry MagazineThe results are in, and Berry magazine once again ranks among the best alumni publications in the Southeast according to the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE). This year, Berry topped all entries from institutions with enrollments under 5,000 to win the Grand Award in nine-state District III. To celebrate, we did what we always do – put out another issue! If you haven’t received your copy, it should be hitting your mailbox soon. If you can’t wait that long, click the accompanying cover image to view the publication online.

While the creative team behind Berry magazine would love to take ALL the credit for the publication’s success, the truth is you make it easy. From Hollywood production designer Julie Walker (98C) to Silicon Valley “whiz kids” Kyle Henderson (05C) and Derek Carter (05C) to servant-leader extraordinaire Cheryl Holt Naja (78C), our alumni have amazing stories, and it’s our privilege to share them.

As you’re thumbing through the current issue, don’t forget to send us a “status update” of your own for future publication. Just email your news (with class year) to alumni@berry.edu.

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Old MillIn the July edition of the Alumni Accent poll, we asked you to tell us what you like best about the Accent’s sister publication, Berry magazine. Fifty-eight percent responded “Everything!,” to which we can only echo Elvis Presley in saying, “Thank you. Thank you very much.” Next with 13 percent was “Pictures! Can’t get enough!,” followed by class notes (11 percent), alumni profiles (8 percent), campus news (5 percent), president’s essay (3 percent) and student/faculty feats (2 percent). We appreciate your input and, more importantly, your readership!

This month we draw inspiration from that slight chill in the morning air that heralds the approaching fall. Scroll to the blog footer to tell us what you consider to be an ideal fall day on the world’s largest campus.

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Fall 2014 Berry MagazineThe next time you find yourself sharing exciting news with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, take a moment to let us know about it as well. Simply copy the status update you’ve already typed into an email, add your class year and send to alumni@berry.edu for publication as a class note in Berry magazine. If you’ve got a cool picture, feel free to share that as well. We can’t promise the image will wind up in print, but if it’s interesting enough – Katie Landry Branham (08C) showing her Berry pride at the Winter Paralympics in Sochi comes to mind – you might just see it again! Class note submissions for Spring 2015 will be accepted through Oct. 31, so send us yours today.

If you’ve yet to read our Fall 2014 issue with Dr. Guadalupe Sanchez (74C) on the cover, click the image at left and check it out online. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

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The Beauty of Berry CollegeIf you’re a reader of Berry magazine or a routine visitor to the Berry website, then you know the work of photographer Zane Cochran. His distinctive images of the Ford Buildings, Oak Hill, the Old Mill, Frost Chapel and other Berry landmarks bring the campus to life for those who’ve yet to visit and touch the hearts of alumni and friends alike. Hundreds of these iconic photos are featured in Cochran’s new book, aptly named The Beauty of Berry College. Purchase your soft-cover edition for $25 through the Oak Hill Gift Shop. Better yet, order as a gift and share Berry’s beauty with others. Shop online.

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Berry MagazineThe spring 2014 issue of Berry magazine is now available online. If you haven’t received your copy in the mail, click the cover image at left to view the publication on your desktop, laptop or mobile device. Highlights include profiles of Lou Ann Stovall (88C, 90G), a supervisory special agent in the FBI, and Stephen Hammer (97C), an IBM team leader responsible for taking interactive sports technology to new heights. Also be on the lookout for “Berry at its best,” recapping seven years of mission-based progress, and an exciting glimpse into the future by President Steve Briggs.

If you have news you would like to share with your classmates, just drop us an email at alumni@berry.edu. We’re currently collecting Class Notes for our next issue, due out this summer.

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Berry Magazine Online ArchiveThe Fall 2013 issue of Berry magazine should be arriving in your mailbox any day now. If you can’t wait to devour the institutional news and alumni features that Berry readers have come to expect, we invite you to visit our online archive and take a sneak peek at the publication on your home computer or favorite tablet device. If the class notes you read inspire you to share your own big news, just send an email to alumni@berry.edu (be sure to include your class year). Submissions received by Oct. 31 will be published in our next issue.

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Berry Magazine Ever wonder how we learn about the alumni featured in Berry magazine and the Alumni Accent? It’s not complicated. Many times, it’s simply because they sent us a class note. If you haven’t taken the time to share news of your latest personal or career achievement, we’d love to hear from you. How easy is it? Simply copy-and-paste the status update you are probably already typing for Facebook and email it (along with your class year) to alumni@berry.edu. If you’d like to see an example of the type of news your friends and classmates are submitting, check out the Summer 2013 issue of Berry magazine in our online archive.

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Remarks from Trustee Bert Clark (82C) and a musical tribute performed by Kyler Post (10C) and Kali McMillian (12C) highlighted Berry’s 12th annual Scholarship Night celebration. This special event honors the donors who keep the dream of a Berry education burning brightly for so many students. This year’s gathering drew a crowd of more than 300 alumni and friends, faculty/staff members and students to Krannert Center’s Spruill Ballroom. Those in attendance were treated to a thank you video produced by Berry’s Firsthand4You program and student presentations by Julia Kolodziej and Dana Wenger, both of whom enjoyed life-changing experiences abroad thanks to the Bert and Cathy Clark Endowed Study Abroad Scholarship. You can read about Dana’s journey to Italy in the Spring 2013 issue of Berry magazine.

Scholarship Night coverage.

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Berry Magazine, Fall 2012The Fall 2012 issue of Berry magazine may feature Antarctic adventurer Emily Wampler (03C) on the cover, but this page-turner is anything but ice cold! From insights on success by the 2012 recipients of Berry’s Distinguished Alumni Awards to a special report on the inspiring class of 1958C, we’ve got all the bases covered. If you spent any time studying history or the sciences while at Berry, don’t miss President Briggs’ special tribute to faculty icons Gordon Carper and Lawrence McAllister.

Your print copy should be arriving any day now (if it hasn’t already). If you prefer to be an e-reader, simply click the cover and check us out online.

Class notes are now being accepted for the Spring 2013 issue. If you have news to share, please submit to alumni@berry.edu (don’t forget your class year). The deadline is Nov. 30.

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Berry Magazine - Summer 2012Need some reading material for your summer vacation? We’ve got the perfect thing – Berry magazine! The new issue includes the captivating alumni profiles you’ve come to expect, as well as campus news, class notes and a thought-provoking essay by President Briggs detailing Berry’s efforts to launch a four-year nursing program. If you can’t wait for the hard copy, click the cover at left to explore the publication online.

We’re currently hard at work on the fall issue. If you have a class note you’d like to submit, please email us at alumni@berry.edu (don’t forget to include your class year). If you have good news to share, we want to hear it. The deadline for submission is June 30, so don’t delay!

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