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Charlie MorganCharlie Morgan never imagined when he chose Berry that his “head, heart and hands” experience would involve a flock of 200 Red Star hens. As general manager of Blue Hen Eggs, the senior history major is responsible for the day-to-day operations of an innovative free-range, grass-fed egg enterprise based in a mobile chicken coop on The Berry Farms property across from main campus. In its first year, the new student enterprise has already developed a strong following among the general public and local restaurants.

“It’s been a blast,” Morgan said. “There was a learning curve, as I’d never been around poultry before, but it felt good to learn something I didn’t know before and make money at it. I found out I like the business side of things and can run a business if I have someone to show me the basics.”

Through involvement with Blue Hen Eggs, Morgan discovered an interest in business management he hopes to cultivate after graduation. A summer internship further narrowed his focus to digital marketing. He credits Berry for helping him to find his niche.

“I’m studying history, I have a job in agriculture, and I’ve learned how to work in conventional business settings,” he said. “I’ve gotten the whole package.”

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Story by Maxine Donnelly, senior student writer, philanthropic communications; image by student photographer Sara Leimbach

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