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Gary Breton

Gary Breton

Callaway Professor of Organic Chemistry Gary Breton is the new dean of Berry’s School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences. Breton, a Berry faculty member since 1994, accepted a three-year appointment as dean after holding the title on an interim basis since last fall. He succeeds Dr. Bruce Conn, who has returned full time to the classroom after 16 years of meritorious service.

In other news, the Board of Trustees has granted tenure and/or promotions to the following faculty members:

Tenured: Dr. Curt Hersey (93C), communication

Tenured and promoted to the rank of associate professor: Dr. Kevin Hoke (chemistry), Dr. Chang Pu (education)

Promoted to the rank of professor: Dr. Bill Davin (biology), Dr. Chris Diller (English, rhetoric and writing), Dr. Michelle Haney (psychology), Dr. John Hickman (government and international studies), Dr. Alan Hughes (psychology)

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