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Just when you think you’ve seen it all from Berry wildlife, something new comes along. Such was the case this summer when student Hannah Atsma’s video of “boxing deer” went viral on social media, garnering 138,000 Facebook views. In her post, Atsma echoed the thoughts of many with her statement, “This is definitely one of the stranger things I’ve seen the deer of Berry College do.” In search of an explanation, we went to Berry’s resident deer expert, Dana Professor of Animal Science Dr. George Gallagher, and he did not disappoint.

“This type of ‘boxing’ behavior is not uncommon among deer, particularly does,” he explained. “Deer, like many animals, express a hierarchy or dominance behavior. I tend to see these aggressive displays more frequently in late fall and winter when feed resources become more limited. Most of these events are much shorter and less dramatic compared to this video clip. It is a real classic!”

There you have it! Now back to your regularly scheduled eagle watching.

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