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Taylor Thompson Reynolds facilitates round-table discussion

Taylor Thompson Reynolds (12C), third from left, facilitates a round-table discussion as part of the Young Alumni Partners Program pairing recent graduates with current Berry seniors.

Young Alumni Partners Program

Mark Beckley II (16C), right, talks with senior Wyatt Peterson during the Young Alumni Partners Program.

Taylor Thompson Reynolds (12C) remembers well the challenges she faced as a new graduate adjusting to life outside the Gate of Opportunity. Now she and others like her are sharing their experiences with current students as participants in the Young Alumni Partners Program.

Reynolds was among 21 young alumni professionals who journeyed to Berry on a recent Saturday to extend a helping hand to current seniors preparing for their own transition to post-college life. Through round-table discussions and one-on-one mentoring conversations, they provided valuable perspective on topics ranging from job interviews and workplace culture to establishing yourself in a new city and managing debt.

“It’s important to share our experiences, because we have all been in their shoes,” said Reynolds, who today serves as senior manager of event sales and services for the Georgia Aquarium. “We remember what it was like to head into uncharted territory with a less than clear map of how to navigate the world. We are able to offer encouragement to students by letting them know they are not alone and that there is a wide net of Berry alums willing and able to guide them along the way.”

For senior marketing major Jaime Timm, the program provided fresh insight on stretching beyond her comfort zone as she prepares for graduate school at Chicago’s DePaul University. Reynolds, meanwhile, enjoyed the opportunity to give back to her alma mater while also strengthening her professional network.

“It’s great to see how your peers are doing in the job arena and to forge relationships that you otherwise wouldn’t have had an opportunity to build,” Reynolds said.

If you’re a young alum who’s interested in serving as a mentor or facilitator for a future event, simply drop an email to yapp@berry.edu.

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Dr. Sheila AllenGiven the impressive growth of Berry’s animal science program (which has more than tripled in size in 15 years), it is fitting that the college’s newest trustee has expertise in that field. Dr. Sheila Allen is a former faculty member and dean of the University of Georgia’s College of Veterinary Medicine who now serves as senior accreditation advisor for the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges. She is also a board member for both Cornell University and the Georgia Aquarium.

Allen holds undergraduate and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degrees from Cornell and a Master of Science degree in veterinary clinical pathology from the University of Georgia. She will attend her first Board of Trustees meeting in February.

By student writer Kendall Aronson

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