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Technology and education go hand-in-hand these days, something no one knows better than Lauren Pittman (09C). The special education teacher and her students at Holly Springs (Ga.) Elementary School are the subjects of a worldwide Microsoft campaign promoting new software that highlights words on a computer monitor, making it easier for students with dyslexia to follow along. She also has been featured in the Washington Post, Ed Tech Magazine and, coming in October, Good Housekeeping.

Pittman is just one example of the tremendous caliber of teachers produced by Berry’s Charter School of Education and Human Sciences – and they just keep coming! In the last three years, 100 percent of the teacher education program’s graduating seniors and master’s degree candidates – 145 in all! – passed their state certification exams. Additionally, this spring marked the third year for the Educational Leadership Program in Cobb County, Ga., which has graduated a total of 137 “Berry principals.”

By student writer Katherine Edmonds

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