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Participants in Dr. Sarah Allred's spring 2013 "Corrections and Incarcerations" class.

Dr. Sarah Allred, associate professor and chair of Berry’s sociology department, was a featured voice in a recent Yes! Magazine article spotlighting the national Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program. This initiative provides college students and those who are incarcerated with a unique opportunity to learn together about incarceration, crime and other social issues. By taking college students inside the walls of jails and prisons, the program creates a learning environment that is both highly collaborative and transformative for participants. In 2008, Berry became the first college or university in Georgia to offer such an experience. Since that time, 136 “outside” students from Berry have completed the course along with a complementary number of “inside” students. Allred’s involvement has grown through the years. She has published research on the impacts of this type of learning and now serves on the national steering committee for the Inside-Out Center.

In her interview with Yes!, Allred explained that college students participating in the program gain a new understanding of these broader issues through dialogue with their “inside” counterparts, who they come to see as people, not numbers or labels. “In one of these courses, you’re sitting next to someone’s father, someone’s sister,” she stated. Read article.

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