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When Brian (97C) and Jodi Hawkins (98C) Tuten set out from Arizona in July 2011 to see the country and strengthen their family bond, it was only natural to question whether their self-described “Funhog Family 50 State Challenge” would be a success. After all, they were traveling with five (now six) children, and let’s face it – if visiting all 50 states was easy, everyone would do it. Guess what? THEY DID IT!

After covering 39 states (including a stop at Berry) by September 2011 and nine more in early 2012, the Tutens completed their quest in October with trips to Alaska and Hawaii. Afterward, Brian wrote:

“So, what did we learn from the experience? We found out that we absolutely love hanging out in extremely close proximity, as we live life as a family. We love having countless adventures planned and unplanned on the horizon, being part of nature spending most of our time in God’s creation, watching God move over and over again, and meeting the most incredible people who opened their homes and hearts to us.”

Learn more about their adventures on the Funhog Family blog, where you will also find photos and video from each stop along the way.

Congrats Funhogs! We’ll never doubt you again.

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