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Fall 2014 Berry MagazineThe next time you find yourself sharing exciting news with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, take a moment to let us know about it as well. Simply copy the status update you’ve already typed into an email, add your class year and send to alumni@berry.edu for publication as a class note in Berry magazine. If you’ve got a cool picture, feel free to share that as well. We can’t promise the image will wind up in print, but if it’s interesting enough – Katie Landry Branham (08C) showing her Berry pride at the Winter Paralympics in Sochi comes to mind – you might just see it again! Class note submissions for Spring 2015 will be accepted through Oct. 31, so send us yours today.

If you’ve yet to read our Fall 2014 issue with Dr. Guadalupe Sanchez (74C) on the cover, click the image at left and check it out online. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

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