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Kevin Bacon on the set of "The Following."

Kevin Bacon takes a break during shooting for the pilot of “The Following.”

Most alumni can rattle off Berry’s impressive list of film credits – ranging from major motion pictures such as Sweet Home Alabama and Remember the Titans to television’s The Following – but how many know that such productions support historic preservation efforts on campus?

A recent article by the Georgia Studio Alliance played a game of “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” to illustrate how production fees from an on-campus shoot – in this case, the pilot for The Following –  supplemented gifts from friends and alumni such as the Daughters of Berry and the Daughters of the American Revolution to help fund the renovation of Roosevelt Cabin. Read article.

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Berry MagazineIn the last issue of the Alumni Accent, we asked you to name the actor or actress you’d most like to see shoot another movie or TV show at Berry. Perhaps not surprisingly, the “Titans” won again, with Denzel Washington receiving 46% of all votes cast. Next with 30% was Reese Witherspoon, followed by Sweet Home Alabama co-star Patrick Dempsey (10%). Among the remaining choices, only Kevin Bacon (9%) received more than 2% of the vote.

This month, we take our cue from our sister publication, Berry magazine. Hopefully, you’ve already received the summer issue (if not, click the accompanying image to thumb through it online). Once you’re done, scroll to the blog footer and let us know what you like best about Berry’s award-winning publication!

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Kevin Bacon, the actor famous for a film career so prolific that he’s the subject of his own trivia game, spent a day on campus earlier this spring shooting scenes for a TV pilot. Dozens of Berry students had the opportunity to grab some screen time as extras during the shoot. Two, Brittany Regan and Steven Walker, even got to work as production assistants.

“We’re always told at Berry that our work is meaningful, so it was nice to see how well the skills we’ve gained through campus work translate into a professional film set,” said Walker, a graduating senior who has already made a name for himself as one of the stars of the award-winning Viking Fusion comedy, The Conference Room.

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