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Scholarships from the American Institute for Foreign Study and Spanish Studies Abroad have made it possible for students Brianna Gibson and Latanza McCarver to broaden their educational horizons through spring study abroad experiences in Perth, Australia, and Córdoba, Argentina. Joining Brianna at Perth’s Murdoch University was fellow animal science major Hibah Abuhamdieh, a recipient of the Murdoch University Sponsored Scholarship.

“Hibah and I are actually friends so we have hung out quite a few times since we got here,” noted Brianna (top left with kangaroo, far left in group photo, next to Hibah). “It’s been nice to have a familiar face when I’m on the opposite side of the world.”

Both students relished the opportunity to gain firsthand experience with Australia’s exotic wildlife as they work toward careers as veterinarians.

“It’s been great getting a different approach to science classes from an Australian perspective,” said Hibah (top right), a student of Palestinian heritage who was born in Virginia but has spent much of her life in Dubai. “In the future, I’m planning on traveling as a vet and being involved with different species of animals.”

Back in the Western Hemisphere, Latanza traveled to Argentina looking to deepen her knowledge of the Spanish language with an eye toward one day becoming an immigration attorney. The Honors Program participant was also excited to be able to set an example for her siblings, stating, “I have little sisters who look up to me, and I really want to show them that anything is possible.”

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