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Aitana VargasAitana Vargas (03C) claimed first prize at the 56th annual Southern California Journalism Awards hosted by the Los Angeles Press Club for her two-part Spanish-language expose revealing the difficult working conditions faced by paid audience members in L.A.’s entertainment industry. Her work bested submissions from The Wall Street Journal and other finalists and piqued the interest of lawyers considering a possible class-action law suit on behalf of the workers. She also was nominated for a Livingston Award, known as the “Pulitzer of the Young,” alongside reporters from The New Yorker, Slate, the Boston Globe and other major media outlets.

A second story by Vargas recently won Argentina’s Ana Maria Aguero Melnyczuk Award for best investigative journalism work. It focused on the refusal of Spanish authorities to allow justice and relief for thousands of victims of crimes committed under the rule of dictator Francisco Franco. Both this story and the investigative series were published in Hoy Los Angeles.

Vargas holds a physics degree from Berry and a journalism degree from Columbia University. She currently works as a freelance journalist in California.

 By Carey Blankenship, philanthropic communications student editorial assistant

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