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Berry College Tree TeamWhen a 2011 storm felled more than 1,200 trees across the Berry campus, students immediately stepped up to become stewards of nature. Recently, physical plant’s Student Tree Care Team earned a Grand Award from the Georgia Urban Forest Council for its role in caring for and managing the campus canopy. Working alongside contractors, the students have helped plant more than 1,000 trees in the years since the storm. They are also fully involved in growing trees for future plantings, gathering nuts and cuttings from current trees on campus to propagate new seedlings in the greenhouse and nursery (300 in 2016 alone!).

“Berry College is to be commended for involving their students in the care of their tree canopy,” said Lynne Beckley, executive director of the forest council. “Combining practical work experience with the students’ learning of sound arboricultural practices provides an excellent opportunity for the students and excellent care for the campus trees.”

By Katherine Edmonds, philanthropic communications student writer

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