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Michael Morgan Michael Morgan (94C) found himself face to face with some of America’s most famous athletes as a volunteer for the United State Olympic Committee during the weeks leading up to the 2014 Winter Games. Working at a USOC processing facility in Munich, Germany, Morgan (far right in photo) had the opportunity to assist famed ice dancers Charlie White and Meryl Davis (pictured) and other future medalists as they made final preparations to travel to Sochi, Russia, for the Games. He was awed by the experience, noting, “It was really nice to see some of the most famous athletes in the world and realize that most of them are very humble people who are just trying to live out a dream.”

Morgan, a laboratory manager for Wacker Polysilicon who was on a training assignment in Germany at the time, is now on the short list for volunteer opportunities at future Olympic and Pan-American Games.

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