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MS Walk

Berry football coach Tony Kunczewski with Associate Dean of Students and MS Walk co-captain Julie Bumpus.

Berry football coach Tony Kunczewski took aim at a very different kind of opponent this spring, sharing his family’s fight against multiple sclerosis to help raise awareness of the disease. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s Georgia chapter spotlighted the Berry coach on its website, relating his late mother’s experience with MS in a story by Georgiann Caruso.

“Sports were a huge part of my life growing up, and I think a big reason why they’re still a major part of my life is that I never took being able to walk, run, throw or do anything athletic for granted – because I saw my mom in a wheelchair all those years,” said Kunczewski, who also puts foot to pavement through active involvement in the annual on-campus MS Walk. “One of my goals is to pass on her legacy, and that’s why it’s important for me to volunteer and try to find help for others who are battling this disease.”

By Maxine Donnelly, Philanthropic Communications Editorial Assistant

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