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Nepal Earthquake AftermathAlyssa Nobles (12C) knew Nepal was on the itinerary when she first set out for Adventure in Missions’ yearlong World Race, but her visit took on a very different tone after an April earthquake rocked the mountainous region – killing thousands – just two days before she was set to arrive. When she finally set foot in the disaster zone more than a week later, it was in the role of relief worker. She got quite a scare of her own when a second major quake struck. Through her service, Nobles’ faith was affirmed by the resiliency of the people she encountered.Alyssa Nobles in Nepal

Reflecting on a church service she attended, she wrote in her blog:  “As I look around, I see the group of children gathered on several rugs spread out just for them. Their hands are lifted high and they are singing praises to the God of the universe that literally made the ground shake beneath their feet just two weeks ago. And I am absolutely amazed at the faith and the joy and the peace of these people.”

Nobles left Nepal in late May bound for Malaysia. She is the daughter of Randy (80C, 85G) and Kathryn Dugger Nobles (82C, FS).

Media coverage: “We are aiding in relief in whatever way we can”

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