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More than 180 alumni and friends returned to campus in late May for one of Berry’s most unique and time-honored traditions, Alumni Work Week. This year’s celebration of Berry’s work heritage drew one of the largest crowds in history. Participants worked on a total of 24 different projects, including the reconstruction of the Oak Hill gazebo crushed last year by a falling tree, a new walkway on the Mountain Campus and a run-in shed for horses at the Gunby Equine Center.

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Storm Damage near the Original CabinOn April 27, alumni were stunned to see television images of downed trees and damaged buildings after a freak storm struck the Berry campus. Eight months later, on Dec. 22, Mother Nature struck again, this time downing more than 100 trees on the grounds of Oak Hill and The Martha Berry Museum. The storm, which included a tornado, also caused damage to the museum roof, Original Cabin and gift shop as it cut a swath across Rome and neighboring counties. Thankfully, no one on the grounds was hurt during the storm, and Martha Berry’s historic home and its adjacent outbuildings escaped damage. Coverage.

In the aftermath of the April storm, a Tree Replacement Fund was established to help renew the natural beauty of Berry’s campus. To date, more than $65,000 has been donated, 75 percent of which has come from alumni. Nearly 90 percent of the 559 donors are alumni. We offer heartfelt thanks to all who have given for making this effort your own!

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