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Matt Schneider (02C) didn’t know when he watched The Terry Fox Story at age 7 that the movie would one day inspire his own cross-continent journey. Today, he is following the example set by his hero, who attempted to run across Canada to raise money and awareness for cancer research after losing his leg to the disease.

Schneider’s goal is to drive his mobility scooter from Miami to San Francisco to educate others about the importance of organ donation. Born with Eagle-Barrett Syndrome, a condition which affects the kidneys and other bodily functions, he has been the recipient of four donated kidneys in his life, three from family members and the fourth from “a special angel in California” he didn’t know.

Schneider said that although 95 percent of Americans support organ donation, only 58 percent have registered to be donors. Scooting4Donors is meant to bring awareness to the issue and encourage others to register.

“I want people to learn how easy it is to register to become an organ donor,” Schneider said. “You can save up to seven peoples’ lives.”

Along the way, Schneider plans to visit all of his transplant centers, as well as the doctor in Texas who predicted that he would not live long after birth. He hopes to register hundreds of organ donors as he goes. Between legs of his trip, he volunteers at a camp for children who have had heart transplants.

Recently, his journey brought him to Berry, the place he says “changed my life when I attended school here.”

Schneider was a student at Berry when he underwent his third transplant, at one point taking a year off for dialysis treatments.

“When I came back to Berry,” he recalled, “everybody welcomed me with open arms. All of the professors were more than helpful. They made sure I got the best education I could. Berry helped me with my education and my well-being.”

Visit scooting4donors.com for more on Schneider’s journey. You can follow him on social media @Scooting4Donors.

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By student writer Cassie LaJeunesse

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