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Governor's Honors ProgramTALENT ON DISPLAY: Participants in the 2018 Georgia Governor’s Honors Program perform in the Cage Center last summer.

Berry welcomed approximately 6,000 visitors from across Georgia on Feb. 23 for this year’s Governor’s Honors Program interview day.

The Governor’s Honors Program is a four-week summer experience for gifted and talented students who are entering their junior or senior year of high school. Its goal is to provide participants with academic, cultural and social enrichment that will equip them to become critical thinkers, innovators and leaders. Each student must be nominated, complete an application and go through the interview process specific to their intended area of study.

“GHP was easily one of the best four weeks of my life. The friends I made there are friends I’ve maintained to this day,” said Berry sophomore Rachel Heiter, a GHP participant two years ago. “Interview day is nerve-wracking, and the process for applying for GHP was exhausting and, at times, even intimidating. But I can promise that it is absolutely worth it. Let the nerves fall off your shoulders, and allow yourself to embrace your inner weirdness.”

Berry first hosted GHP in the summer of 2017. Last year, 646 students from 68 Georgia counties took part. This year, approximately 1,650 students and their families passed through the Gate of Opportunity for interview day. Those accepted will return to campus in mid-June. Tuition and boarding costs are covered by the Georgia General Assembly.

“Attending GHP at Berry was honestly such an amazing experience,” Heiter said. “Not only did it get me intimately acquainted with such a beautiful campus, it also exposed me to a friendly, caring and amazing environment that you can only really find at Berry.”

By Student Public Relations Assistant Megan Benoit

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