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Berry Christmas PhotoIn the October issue of the Alumni Accent, we asked you to pick the ideal setting for your Berry ghost story. The top choice, no doubt inspired by the Green Lady, was Stretch Road (40%). Second was Possum Trot Church (23%), followed by the Hoge Building (17%), Oak Hill (11%), Ford Dining Hall (6%) and Frost Chapel (3%).

This month, we continue the holiday theme by asking you to choose the perfect Berry Christmas gift. Scroll to the blog footer to make your selection. If you’re lucky, St. Nick might take note of your Berry wish.

If you still have shopping left to do (and let’s face it, we all do), be sure to check out the Oak Hill Gift Shop. They’ve got a little something for everyone! Orders must be placed by Dec. 18 to ship before the new year.

If you’re in easy driving distance, you also might consider cheese from The Berry Farms Jersey Milk student enterprise. Call 706-378-2930 or email studententerprises@berry.edu to place an order for campus pickup Dec. 16-17. Six delicious flavors are available.

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Charlie MorganCharlie Morgan never imagined when he chose Berry that his “head, heart and hands” experience would involve a flock of 200 Red Star hens. As general manager of Blue Hen Eggs, the senior history major is responsible for the day-to-day operations of an innovative free-range, grass-fed egg enterprise based in a mobile chicken coop on The Berry Farms property across from main campus. In its first year, the new student enterprise has already developed a strong following among the general public and local restaurants.

“It’s been a blast,” Morgan said. “There was a learning curve, as I’d never been around poultry before, but it felt good to learn something I didn’t know before and make money at it. I found out I like the business side of things and can run a business if I have someone to show me the basics.”

Through involvement with Blue Hen Eggs, Morgan discovered an interest in business management he hopes to cultivate after graduation. A summer internship further narrowed his focus to digital marketing. He credits Berry for helping him to find his niche.

“I’m studying history, I have a job in agriculture, and I’ve learned how to work in conventional business settings,” he said. “I’ve gotten the whole package.”

Click here to read more about the growing presence of Berry’s student enterprises in the local marketplace.

Story by Maxine Donnelly, senior student writer, philanthropic communications; image by student photographer Sara Leimbach

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Taylor Moore

Taylor Moore, Viking Creations' student CEO

Students working for the Viking Creations on-campus enterprise have restored an age-old handicraft to Berry, weaving scarves, blankets, towels, rugs and ties that would make any fashion connoisseur or interior decorator jealous. This summer, they get to showcase their handiwork – and celebrate Berry’s century-old weaving tradition – in “Continuous Threads: 200 Years of Georgia Textiles,” an exhibit at the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center in Buford, Ga. Joy Padgett Johnson (73C), a mentor, business plan advisor and product marketing coach for the student weavers, helped arrange Berry’s participation in the exhibit, which is scheduled for June 15 to Aug. 30.

Viking Creations was established in 2011 with help from the “Sunshine Room,” a local group of volunteer weavers who graduated from Berry. Click here to purchase student-woven products online.

By Carey Blankenship, philanthropic communications student assistant

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Berry FarmsBerry has proved itself a powerhouse in terms of natural beauty – ranking No. 3 in the South according to one recent compilation – but a new list of America’s top 20 college farms reminds us that our 27,000-acre campus is more than just a photographer’s playground.

Best College Reviews used a number of criteria in making its selections, including farm size, sustainability, course offerings, student involvement, and integration with the main campus and community at large. The authors cited opportunities available through Berry’s farm-centered student-operated enterprises in ranking the college among the likes of Michigan State, Clemson, Yale and other notable institutions ranging geographically from the Deep South to California.

By Maxine Donnelly, philanthropic communications student assistant

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Online MarketplaceBerry’s student-operated campus enterprises continue to come up with new ways to serve their customers – including you! Launched in 2009, this program provides tremendous opportunities for students to gain firsthand experience while also delivering a diverse (and growing) array of products and services. Recently, an online marketplace was launched that provides easy access to several of these products, including cheese made from Berry milk, woven items created on original Berry looms, and handcrafted cypress furniture constructed on campus. More products will be added in the future.

“Our enterprise program continually searches for new and progressive ways to market our quality products,” said sophomore Greg Howard, acting director of the Berry Enterprise Student Team (BEST). “We believe our new online marketplace will give consumers an additional and easy way to view and purchase our merchandise.”

Click here if you would like to receive future email updates from Berry College Student Enterprises.

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First-class facilities, centers for integrity in leadership and entrepreneurship, enhancements to the Work Experience Program, generous scholarships, and new student mentoring initiatives are the focus of LifeReady: The Berry College Campaign for Opportunity.

Together, these campaign priorities will build on Berry’s historic mission of educating the head, heart and hands and further strengthen opportunities for students to discover their gifts and realize their potential. The result will be graduates who leave Berry even better prepared to improve their homes, workplaces and communities.

“Opportunity long has been Berry’s pledge to hardworking students,” said Barry Griswell (71C), retired chairman and CEO of Principal Financial Group and campaign co-chair with fellow college trustee Randy Berry. “The experience of a Berry education has changed my own life and others, while the character of a Berry education has changed communities for the better. We want to continue this important work.”

The campaign launch was accompanied by news that more than $73 million in gifts and pledges were already in hand. These early commitments – made during the four years preceding the May 17 kickoff event – include $24 million to support an eventual total of 130 innovative, mission-based Gate of Opportunity Scholarships. Funding also has been completed for the McAllister Hall endowment supporting science education and science-based scholarships.

Future commitments will make possible major facilities enhancements for Berry’s growing animal science program and much-needed renovations for the college’s primary performing arts venues, Ford Auditorium and Blackstone Hall. Other brick-and-mortar projects include a campus welcome center and entry enhancements; the Valhalla stadium for football, lacrosse, and track and field; and the recently completed renovation of Roy Richards Memorial Gymnasium.

Learning experiences will be enriched through centers focused on integrity in leadership and entrepreneurship, while work experiences – long a hallmark of a Berry education – will be enhanced through gifts supporting Berry Student Enterprises and other high-level student work positions. New mentoring programs will help students maximize the opportunities afforded by their Berry experience.

Details about each campaign priority can be found at www.berry.edu/lifeready. The site also includes information about giving options alumni and friends can use to help make these projects a reality. Gifts of any size through June 2020 count toward the campaign total.

“We could not be where we are today without your support, and we will not achieve the goals of this campaign without your help going forward,” President Steve Briggs said in an email message to alumni. “We have the opportunity to have a profound impact on Berry and the lives of future students.”

Campaign launch.

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Georgia Traveler: Berry College SegmentViewers of Georgia Public Broadcasting got a crash course in all things Berry during the November episode of Georgia Traveler. Featured landmarks in the “Coolest Campus” segment included Oak Hill and the Ford Buildings. GPB also highlighted Berry’s Hollywood connections, as well as the campus dairy and associated student-operated enterprises. The tone of the piece was so very Berry that an oft-repeated bit of campus hyperbole found its way into the narrative (the deer-to-student ratio is much closer to 1-to-1 than the 7-to-1 reported). Click the image to view for yourself.

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Berry CheeseLooking for a “tasty” way to support Berry students? We’ve got the perfect thing – artisan cheese being marketed and sold by The Berry Farms Jersey Milk, one of a number of student-operated campus enterprises functioning under the umbrella of Berry College Student Enterprises, LLC. The cheese, made by the Udderly Cool Dairy using milk from Berry’s award-winning Jersey herd, is available in a variety of flavors and can be shipped anywhere in the continental United States. Udderly Cool, which is owned by Jeff Green (87C), was a finalist for best dairy product in the 2013 Flavor of Georgia contest for its Applewood Smoked Gouda, made from Berry milk.

Contact the student staff at jerseymilk@berry.edu or 706-378-2930 for more information and to place your order.

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The Berry Farms Genetics EnterpriseThe student-managed Berry Farms Genetics Enterprise made headlines this summer with its second international sale of cattle embryos, this time to a farm in Argentina. The sale, valued at $27,000, involved 99 embryos from Berry’s on-campus Jersey herd.

This is just one example of the growing number of student-operated enterprises on the Berry campus that are providing a whole new level of experience for some of our best and brightest students.

Read more.

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