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Kevin Renshler Portrait

Kevin Renshler

Marc Hunsaker Portrait

Marc Hunsaker

Entrepreneurship and personal and professional development are the focus of two recent appointments meant to build on historic strengths and further develop opportunities for students.

Dr. Kevin Renshler is the inaugural director of the Center for Student Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development, a major priority of Berry’s LifeReady Campaign. Dr. Marc Hunsaker, meanwhile, will lead the newly formed Center for Personal and Professional Development.

Renshler has an impressive background working with students to advance skills in business, creativity and engagement, most recently serving as associate director of MiddCORE and professor of practice at Middlebury College. At Berry, he will work to enhance the entrepreneurial development of students and revamp the start-up process for student-operated enterprises, among other duties.

Hunsaker comes to Berry from Michigan State University, where he served as purpose and career design consultant for the university’s Career Services Network. Responsibilities in his new role include integrating and strengthening existing programs related to professional learning experiences, career advising, internships and mentoring. He will also lead the college’s work program, now called LifeWorks.

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Student-Operated Enterprises Storefront in Bookstore

Student-Operated Enterprises Storefront

A storefront in the Berry College bookstore is providing a new avenue of experience for  student-operated enterprises while also making it easier to purchase Angus beef, cage-free eggs, cheese, hand-woven creations, honey, handcrafted furniture and other items produced by Berry students.

Previously, products were only available online and at occasional events such as on-campus markets held each fall and spring.

“We have sales experience and marketing experience, and now we are pairing that with retail marketing, staffing and cash management experience,” said senior Ben Lord, student director of the enterprises program. “There are a lot more moving parts when you’re running a store, and students are involved with every part of the process.”

Lord appreciates the opportunity the storefront provides for customers to talk directly with the students who developed the products they are purchasing.

“They’re not just purchasing the product itself,” he said. “They’re purchasing part of Berry’s culture.”

The store is open 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. each Saturday. Click here to learn more about the products available through student-operated enterprises and to shop online.

Student media coverage

Story by student Kendall Aronson; photos by student Rette Solomon

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Holden Wilbanks: Berry BeesAs a business major, junior Holden Wilbanks never thought he would need to worry about getting stung on a regular basis.

A double major in management and economics, Wilbanks has always had an interest in entrepreneurship and a desire to start his own business. Through the student Work Experience Program, he is now CEO of Berry Bees, one of 14 student-operated enterprises on the Berry campus.

“As far as getting stung goes, I’m pretty confident in my bee suit. I have only been stung a couple of times, so it protects me pretty well,” he said.

Wilbanks haHolden Wilbanksndles all the administrative duties of the enterprise including product deliveries, customer relationships and hive management. The enterprise program hones skills such as leadership, professionalism, public speaking and others necessary in the post-graduation workplace.

“I think it is so important to work at Berry because you need to find value in what you do. Every job on Berry’s campus is meaningful and fulfills an important role,” he said.

Every student at Berry has the opportunity to work regardless of family income, and more than 95 percent of students take that opportunity.

In addition to his work with Berry Bees, Wilbanks serves as a spokesperson for the enterprise program, sharing information with groups such as Leadership Georgia, the Berry College Board of Trustees and Berry Alumni Council.

By Nic Diaz, student public relations assistant

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