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Harrison Daniels

Berry's 3-D printing lab was just one stop on Harrison Daniels' path to LifeReady. Click the image to learn more.

In the August issue of the Alumni Accent, the release of Zane Cochran’s new book, The Beauty of Berry College, inspired us to poll the popularity of various Berry “gifts.” The No. 1 response was a weekend stay in the Guest Cottages with 41% of the vote. Next with 29% was one more year as a student on the world’s largest campus (My pick for sure!). Cheese made from Berry milk was third with 11%, followed by season tickets for football (8%), DVDs of movies shot on campus (7%) and corn mill ground at the Old Mill (4%).

This month, we turn our attention to the concept of LifeReady, the result of an education of the “head, heart and hands” and the theme of Berry’s fundraising campaign. Think back on your Berry experience. What most prepared you for life beyond the Gate of Opportunity? Scroll to the blog footer to give us your answer.

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Applewood Smoked Gouda

Cheese made exclusively from milk produced by The Berry Farms Jersey Milk student enterprise is one of the choices in this month's Alumni Accent poll.

In July’s Alumni Accent poll, we asked you to hark back to your earliest days as a Berry student and share your most vivid memory of summer orientation. The No. 1 response was that very first drive onto campus (34% of the vote). The first night spent in the residence halls was a close second (32%). Nineteen percent recalled meeting friends they still have today, while the rest of the votes were split between the heat (in the days before AC) with 8%, getting your first class schedule (5%) and seeing the first of many Berry deer (2%).

This month’s question is inspired by the story about Zane Cochran’s new book, The Beauty of Berry College. It would no doubt make a GREAT GIFT for Berry alumni. Can you think of others? We certainly can. Scroll to the blog footer to vote for your favorite.

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The Beauty of Berry CollegeIf you’re a reader of Berry magazine or a routine visitor to the Berry website, then you know the work of photographer Zane Cochran. His distinctive images of the Ford Buildings, Oak Hill, the Old Mill, Frost Chapel and other Berry landmarks bring the campus to life for those who’ve yet to visit and touch the hearts of alumni and friends alike. Hundreds of these iconic photos are featured in Cochran’s new book, aptly named The Beauty of Berry College. Purchase your soft-cover edition for $25 through the Oak Hill Gift Shop. Better yet, order as a gift and share Berry’s beauty with others. Shop online.

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