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Taylor Moore

Taylor Moore, Viking Creations' student CEO

Students working for the Viking Creations on-campus enterprise have restored an age-old handicraft to Berry, weaving scarves, blankets, towels, rugs and ties that would make any fashion connoisseur or interior decorator jealous. This summer, they get to showcase their handiwork – and celebrate Berry’s century-old weaving tradition – in “Continuous Threads: 200 Years of Georgia Textiles,” an exhibit at the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center in Buford, Ga. Joy Padgett Johnson (73C), a mentor, business plan advisor and product marketing coach for the student weavers, helped arrange Berry’s participation in the exhibit, which is scheduled for June 15 to Aug. 30.

Viking Creations was established in 2011 with help from the “Sunshine Room,” a local group of volunteer weavers who graduated from Berry. Click here to purchase student-woven products online.

By Carey Blankenship, philanthropic communications student assistant

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